Who Knew it Would Be This Fun?

Posted on 19 April 2018

When we began our journey into specialty coffee our vision meandered all over the place like a drunk 17 year old riding an esky. We had planned to start a roastery (check out our origin story) with no grand plans to serve coffee ourselves. However, when the opportunity arose we jumped at the chance to have a direct relationship with our customers. Though the question still remained, would we enjoy it? From the first day, we knew we were onto something good although we could never have anticipated the sense of community we would feel.


Drunk esky ride


A roastery is a place where chemistry is at play. Green seeds transform into a sensory explosion. However, roasting often happens in isolation. One man (or woman), one machine and a journey of transformation…OK I know that’s a bit deep. But the point is that roasting is mostly a solo venture where as serving coffee to people brings you human connection. It’s been slightly unexpected but we have ourselves a little community...and we're stoked!


Coffee roaster

Do you get that warm fuzzy feeling when your barista remembers your order? Us too!

Our doors only opened 6 months ago but we've already had the opportunity to build loads of connections with people, whether through our shared love of coffee or just a good old chat. We've been gifted art, beers, plants, coffee, music and generally amazing encouragement. Without us quite planning it, we have become a part of something really epic. Coffee shops bring humans together!

We feel more than ever that café’s are a place for all the humans. We want to create a welcoming, inclusive and positive place for people to come and fuel up on specialty coffee “you can feel good about buying”. Whether coffee is your passion or just a much needed moment of daily respite, we’re stoked to serve you (even if we didn’t know we’d like it this much)!


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