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  • Thailand - Doi Saket (Filter)
  • Thailand - Doi Saket (Filter)
  • Thailand - Doi Saket (Filter)
  • Thailand - Doi Saket (Filter)

Thailand - Doi Saket (Filter)


Grind Type



Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand


Honeycomb- Orange blossom - Green Apple

A very clean cup with a superb depth of flavour; a medium acidity & honey-like sweetness carried by some soft fruit tones and hints of brown sugar & black tea in the finish .

ELEVATION: 1100-1450 m

PROCESS: Anaerobic White Honey

VARIETY (ARABICA): Heirloom Typica


The Farmers:

This coffee is produced by a young Thai couple, Nui and Aoy. Ready for a change, they returned from their white collar jobs in the city to their parents coffee farm in Chiang Mai province 5 years ago. Their goal was to take a dedicated yet experimental approach to farming and processing specialty coffee. The results are now beginning to show & they are impressive.

The variety:

This part of Thailand is home to the increasingly rare heirloom Typica variety that was first introduced as part of the king's opium eradication program in the late 70's. Some of the trees here are 30-40 years old (older than the farmers!). Typica is generally lower yielding and susceptible to a lot of coffee related diseases. For this reason, in other parts of Thailand, Typica varieties have been replaced with newer hybrids that are both higher yielding and more disease resistant. Older varieties are often prized for their elegant cup quality, so pair that fact with this coffee's experimental processing method and we have a rare treat worth trying.

The Process:

The goal with this lot was to preserve the clarity of a fully washed coffee, but with added complexity through this white honey process. Honey processed coffees can often forego clarity and brightness in lieu of body and sweetness. Not with this one; we have brightness, depth of flavour and clarity.

After the coffee cherries are picked they are floated and pulped that night. The coffee is partially fermented anaerobically for 12 hours to remove some mucilage, but leaving a thin layer of pectin still in tact. The coffee is then dried on raised beds and delivered to our dry mill for hulling and sorting. Viola!

This is:

- Direct Trade Coffee
- Sustainable Coffee
- Organic Coffee
- Ethical Coffee

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