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At Old Quarter Coffee Merchants, we understand that coffee is a powerful force for change. Our mission is to harness that power to bring you the highest quality, specialty coffee purchased straight from the farmers who grow it.



Our business model represents a new paradigm in coffee trade, one where farmers are placed at the top of the supply chain, ensuring they are valued and everyone from farmer to customer benefits. We source our specialty-grade coffee directly from small scale farmer owned cooperatives. There is no middle-man in the buying process meaning every cent goes straight into the hands of the farmers, helping them to improve their livelihoods and direct their own future.

Our buying relationships also support community development projects that focus on best practice organic farming, education, healthcare and clean water initiatives.


"This is coffee you can feel good about buying!"



Quality starts with our growing partners who tire year round to ensure the best harvest possible. Each bean is picked by hand in the fertile, high altitude growing regions of South East Asia and selected carefully to ensure a superior raw product. It's processed with exceptional care and then we come in...

Our coffee is roasted in small-batches to provide you with the freshest coffee available. We focus on showcasing the unique flavours of each coffee and whether you are brewing at home or visiting us at our espresso bar we know you’ll taste the difference.

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