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Myanmar - Danu (Filter)


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Southern Shan province, Myanmar.


A delightfully nuanced natural coffee with a deep candy-like sweetness, crisp acidity, medium body and a clean sweet finish. 
Boysenberry, Blueberry jam, Red apple, Plum, Nectarine, 70% cocoa. 


PROCESS:  Dry Natural



This is one is for black coffee fans! We are truly honoured to offer this rare gem as light roast, showcasing some of its sweet, nuanced and delicious characteristics. Not only is this an exceptionally tasty brew but it sets an exciting precedent for specialty coffee coming from Myanmar. This is thanks to the dedicated growers and workers who take great care in the production of quality coffee & are focused on improving year by year.

The coffee itself is grown in the mountains of the Danu self-administered zone in the southern part of Myanmar's Shan state. The coffee trees grow on small plots approximately 1-3 acres in size amongst shade trees and other food crops. The main variety of arabica grown here is Catuai, but other varieties are also found in the area including Caturra, S-795, Typica, Catimor and Bourbon. The predominant ethnic group in this region are the Danu people.

In Myanmar, though coffee has been grown on a small scale for a long time, cultivation generally commenced in the 1980s with the government’s opium eradication program. The coffee quality from Myanmar is improving every year. It's quite rare to see specialty coffee from Myanmar, but the future is bright with some coffees cupping close to 90 points in recent harvests.  Part of our mission is to showcase the potential of the lesser known growing regions of Asia. Myanmar is kicking goals and we're pumped to share it with you.

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