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Brown Sugar, Blackberry, Complex


Gayo Highlands, Aceh, Sumatra


Since 2017




Giling Basah (Semi-washed)


Gayo, P88, Bourbon, Abyssinia


Espresso Roast

OPTIMISM EXCHANGE COFFEE. Support the reforestation of the Sumatran jungle...just by buying your coffee!



The Sumatra Hutan is a wonderfully complex, organic coffee from Aceh. Not only does it have a delicious flavour profile, but every kg sold of this tasty coffee is helping to regenerate one of the most biodiverse, yet threatened ecosystems on the planet.

We're working with our partners, an inspiring all female led co-op, to help plant trees and reforest the beautiful region bordering the Gunung Leuser Biosphere reserve. This is inspiration in a cup!



Our Sumatran coffees continue to be our most popular and the Sumatra Hutan is no exception!

The Hutan is a wonderfully complex coffee with brown sugar sweetness, tropical fruit acidity, with notes of black berry, dark choc & brown sugar... It packs A LOT of flavour, so it's for fans of strong coffee!



We love it as: Espresso
Also good as: Plunger, Stovetop and Aeropress. Enjoy!

Brewing espresso? Try: 20g Dose   42g Yield   Time: 26-30 seconds



This coffee is 100% traceable, sustainable and ethical.

The Hutan is grown by a handful of villages situated amongst the mountains & volcanoes surrounding Lake Laut Tawar in the central Aceh region.

It's processed using the semi-washed (aka ‘Giling basah’) method commonly found in Sumatra. However, exceptionally careful harvesting and processing of our Sumatran coffees means we get to enjoy some incredibly high quality and unique flavour profiles you won’t find from other origins.

The varieties are a blend between Gayo 1 (Timor x Typica), P88, Bourbon & Abyssinia.

The farmers who grow this coffee are all members of an inspiring female-led cooperative that incentivises them with organic fertilizers, agronomical assistance as well as paying them well above the local prices. Receiving a higher price enables the farmers to focus on organic agricultural practices and improving cup quality. A culture of fairness, sustainability and a dedication to quality control allows the Co-op to produce some of Indonesia’s finest organic coffees. This cooperative model is one we’re proud to support!


Not only is the area where this Hutan is grown famous for producing some of Indonesia's most sought after arabica coffee's, the greater region is considered one of the most biodiverse places on planet earth and its protection is of unparalleled ecological value for the future of our planet.

The high altitude tropical forests of this region are the only place on earth where rhinoceros, elephants, tigers and orangutans, among countless thousands of other unique species, all live together. It was a no brainer for Old Quarter to make the Hutan coffee part of our Optimism Exchange program, so that every year, every harvest and every Kg sold will be doing Good in this precious place. 

The area of Bies, to the west of Lake Laut Tawar, is the main catchment area for farms of the Hutan Coffee, and this is where the trees funded by this project will be planted. Local names for these are Mindi, Trembesi, Beringin, Kertu, and Terong Belanda.

"We like to plant trees which is for the forest and its ecosystem (animal, water, wind, etc), and some trees which can [bring] additional income for the people who growing it, says Rahmah, Head of the Co-op“.



Learn about our 2019 Optimism Exchange Program in Sumatra - Paving the Road to Success


Kaan - Summis Yamba
Jess - Bangalow Bread Co
Brendan Tjhadi – Fate
Kaan - Summis Yamba
Brendan Tjhadi – Fate

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I've enjoyed the Baristas Choice Coffee Subscription in Melbourne during 2021 - OQCM's coffee is first rate, the variety is interesting & unique, the business model; inspiring. Subscription service was above & beyond - Amelia went out of her way to provide excellent, friendly customer service. 10/10 would recommend!” Tiffany Smith - Google
”I've been buying this coffee for 2 years now and it's honestly the best coffee I've had so far. The Vietnam K'Ho is definitely my fave but all their coffees are bloody delicious. I was a little late placing my orders sometimes so now I order through their subscription service which is super convenient, plus saves me paying for shipping! 10/10 recommend to anyone who loves coffee.” Beatrice Eichler - Google
OMG if you haven’t tried this coffee yet you need too. How refreshing is it to drink coffee that hasn’t been over roasted and you can taste all the individual flavours of each bean? I’m hooked. Knowing it’s ethically sourced makes it taste even better.
Thanks OQ. Tom Bridge - Product Review

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