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Sumatra - Jalan Gunung


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Right now we're fundraising for an ambitious project to pave 500 metres of dangerous dirt road for 8 villages, to change the lives of more than 1000 households!

We're offering free shipping* on our Sumatran coffee's plus donating $1 from every kilo sold until the 17th July.

*Free shipping applies to orders of our Sumatran coffees only. If you’re interested in purchasing other coffees you can place a separate order, or just stick with the Sumatran's to feel good and save money!

The name "Jalan Gunung" means Mountain Road and acknowledges "the lengths" farmers go to in order to produce their coffee. 


Gayo Highlands, Sumatra.   


Brown Sugar - Raisin - Almond Brittle

A clean & rich body with loads of sugary sweetness.


PROCESS: WASHED (canopy dried)

VARIETY (ARABICA): Tim Tim, Ateng, Bourbon.


A crowd pleasing & delicious coffee produced by our inspiring Gayonese partners. This coffee is grown on the slopes of Burni Telong volcano. The coffee here is 100% shade grown and traditionally organic. The beans are combined from over 200 households across 4 villages. The processing of this coffee is different from the traditionally used "wet-hulled" method used in this region. Sortation begins while the coffee is still in its parchment and the coffee parchment is then carefully dried under a canopy. The results are delicious and we thought this would be the perfect coffee to share as part of our Paving The Road to Success Sumatra campaign.

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