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Thailand - Akha


Grind Type



Chang Rai Province, Northern Thailand


Toffee - Milk Tea - Lime

Neat syrupy mouthfeel, lime-like acidity, sweet-savoury balance and a sugary choc-toned finish. Add milk and its really sweet, lending impressions of butterscotch and maple syrup.


PROCESS:  Double fermentation (dry and wet), & Washed.

VARIETY (ARABICA): Chiang Mai 80 (Catimor x SL28), Catuai, Typica.


This coffee is grown by young Akha farmers in the fertile hills of Doi Pangkhon region, Chiang Rai. With small-scale (each household producing 1-2 tonne of parchment per harvest), sustainable farming practices and specialty processing techniques, all of the conditions for specialty coffee production here are ideal. This is a very approachable and crowd-pleasing example of the regions coffee offering.

Arabica cultivation in Thailand began in the late 70's as part of an opium eradication program introduced by the King in order to mitigate the environmental and social problems of the illicit trade, while also creating an alternative means of income for the people of the region. Fast forward a few decades and specialty arabica production has become very sophisticated and the results are fantastic.

Thailand is now in an incredibly unique position due to variety of factors. From lucrative specialty green beans prices for farmers, import tariffs on foreign coffees, experimental farming and micro-mill processing with the youngest coffee farmers in the world (the average Thai coffee farmer is around 30!) to a budding specialty coffee bar culture. The future of specialty Thai coffee is incredibly bright! 

This is:

- Direct Trade Coffee
- Sustainable Coffee
- Organic Coffee
- Ethical Coffee

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