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Passionfruit, Blackcurrant, Cocoa, Tea


Chiang Rai, Thailand


Since 2020




Anaerobic Natural


Caturra, Chiang Mai, Typica

THAILAND - Huai Mae Liam

Filter Roast



This tasty brew comes from a picturesque valley dotted with pink blossoms, fed by clean spring water and home to a wonderful mix of heirloom coffee varieties. The valley is also home to the Merlaeku family, a long-time coffee-farming family who belong to the Akha minority group who inhabit this part of Northern Thailand.

The family has been producing specialty coffee for 10 years, experimenting in a sophisticated manner. Their coffees are now highly sought after in Thailand so we consider ourselves fortunate to be the only roasters in Australia to offer their coffee.



This natural lot utilises an anaerobic fermentation method, whereby the coffee is fermented slowly for 5 days in a temperature-controlled, vacuum-style environment.

This environment allows no oxygen in or out and when properly executed it often leads to bold, fruity coffees with a unique mouthfeel and sweetness.

This coffee is rich and layered with berry, cocoa and tropical fruit flavours. It has a full, syrupy mouthfeel, with a wonderful savoury-sweet balance and long-lasting finish.

This one is a super special lot for fans of exuberantly complex and fruit-forward coffees.



We love it as: Pour Over and filter methods (Black).

Also good as: Plunger, Aeropress, or Batch Brew (61g/Litre). Enjoy!

V60 brew guide:

Dose: 20g

Yield: 300g

Time: 2:45 mins 

Aeropress brew guide:

Dose: 13g

Yield: 200g

Time: 2:20 mins 




The beans used for this particular lot come from Asor Merlaeku, one of 5 brothers. The Merlaeku family grow a mix of heirloom coffee varieties such as Typica, Yellow Bourbon, Caturra and some original Thai Catimor variants. The soil here is super deep, red and fertile. Shade is provided by a mix of fruit trees that include beautiful pink cherry and stone fruit with blossoms that light up the valley.

The Merlaeku family have been working alongside local legends 'Beanspire' for the better part of a decade to produce a consistently high-quality variety of lots including some of Thailand's first specialty coffee. We’ve been buying their coffee since 2020.

Unlike some anaerobic natural coffees, the fermentation isn't overdone & you can experience more rounded and refined fresh fruit flavours with a vibrant sweetness.

The name, Huai Mae Liam, refers to the nearby village whose coffee is still widely unknown by most in the coffee industry. In the past, the coffee from this village was sent to bigger coffee-producing and processing regions like Doi Chang and Doi Pangkhon and was marketed under the names of those famous villages. We must recognise the efforts of coffee farmers from Huai Mae Liam by giving them the identity they deserve.


Kaan - Summis Yamba
Jess - Bangalow Bread Co
Brendan Tjhadi – Fate
Kaan - Summis Yamba
Brendan Tjhadi – Fate

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I've enjoyed the Baristas Choice Coffee Subscription in Melbourne during 2021 - OQCM's coffee is first rate, the variety is interesting & unique, the business model; inspiring. Subscription service was above & beyond - Amelia went out of her way to provide excellent, friendly customer service. 10/10 would recommend!” Tiffany Smith - Google
”I've been buying this coffee for 2 years now and it's honestly the best coffee I've had so far. The Vietnam K'Ho is definitely my fave but all their coffees are bloody delicious. I was a little late placing my orders sometimes so now I order through their subscription service which is super convenient, plus saves me paying for shipping! 10/10 recommend to anyone who loves coffee.” Beatrice Eichler - Google
OMG if you haven’t tried this coffee yet you need too. How refreshing is it to drink coffee that hasn’t been over roasted and you can taste all the individual flavours of each bean? I’m hooked. Knowing it’s ethically sourced makes it taste even better.
Thanks OQ. Tom Bridge - Product Review

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