• Thailand - Merlaeku (Filter)
  • Thailand - Merlaeku (Filter)
  • Thailand - Merlaeku (Filter)
  • Thailand - Merlaeku (Filter)

Thailand - Merlaeku (Filter)


Grind Type



Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand


Honeysuckle - Butterscotch - Earl Grey

A wonderful clarity & sweetness with a velvety mouthfeel & a crisp, gentle acidity along with delicate floral & fruit notes.


PROCESS: White Honey

VARIETY (ARABICA): Catuai, Chiang Mai 80 (SL-28 x Catimor), Typica


This coffee is a perfect example of what a well processed Thai coffee can be and also why we have chosen to share it as a filter offering.

Grown and produced by Asor Merlaeku in Huai Mae Liam Village, Chiang Rai. Asor is a member of the Akha hilltribe. He's a very sophisticated and detail-oriented farmer and the results of his work are fantastic!

Regarding the white honey process; this coffee is only partially fermented and then removed from the fermentation tank with some of the fruit mucilage attached. The result is a coffee that is exceptionally clean with great clarity of flavours and still retaining that crowd pleasing sweetness that is becoming a defining feature of the Thai coffee's we are carrying. This particular lot represents the first time Asor's white honey coffee has left Thailand, and we are stoked to be able to share another rare gem.  

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