Subscription FAQ's

We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know regarding coffee subscriptions. If we missed something and you still need answers, you can get in touch via our contact page.

Subscriptions go out every second Tuesday. Your order will be added to the very next delivery day. If your purchase is made within 24 hours of the next delivery day then you'll have to learn patience young grasshopper and wait another fortnight (insert wise voice).

After you complete your purchase, we’ll send through a welcome email within 48hrs letting you know the date your order will be shipped. If you're not ready to get started, just reply to our email and let us know when you'd like to begin.

We pack our member orders every second Tuesday. For delivery time estimates, read below.

All orders are sent fortnightly on a Tuesday using standard Australia Post shipping. Please note, depending on where you live your delivery will take anywhere from 3–7 days to arrive (and a little longer for more remote locations).

3 months

250g = $120

500g = $195

1kg = $300

6 months

250g = $240

500g = $390

1kg = $600

3 months = 6 deliveries

6 months = 12 deliveries

First you need to know how your recipient likes to drink their coffee! Once that’s sorted, all you need to do is complete any subscription purchase using your details & put the recipient’s details in the shipping details (you should put your details in the billing section). NOTE: If you don't want this to be emailed directly to them, place your email as the contact. Once we receive your purchase, we’ll contact you within 48hrs to find out when to send their first delivery. From there you can either choose to;

Put their subscription on hold until they’re ready to go. You simply email us at when you're ready,


Email directly to tell us the date when you want the subscription to start.

If you're not 100% sure how they brew their coffee, or you want to give them the satisfaction to choose their own, you can purchase a Subscription Gift Voucher for the value of the subscription you want to choose for them, email to the lucky person and they can use it when they're ready. All they have to do is log on to our website, select their desired subscription and use the Gift Voucher code at check out to avoid payment.

We’re ridiculously excited about our subscriptions and we love giving gifts! So if we can do anything to help please get in touch at

We're glad you asked because one of the best things about signing up for a subscription is the convenience of never running out of coffee! We're here to help you avoid the awkward conversation that starts with "Sweets, darling, pumpkin, there's no coffee left for this mornings brew"

250g Bag - 1-2 cups per day

500g Bag - 2-3 cups per day

1kg Bag - 4-5 cups per day

Remember that espresso style extractions use a bit more coffee than'll need to take half a cup or so off the estimations above. E.g. you'll get about 1.5 cups per day if you order the 250g bag for a fortnight.

Yes! Please just make sure to do so 48hrs before your order is due to be shipped. Your skipped delivery will be added to the end of your subscription, so when your subscription technically ends, you’ll receive one more delivery.

To do this, you’ll need to sign up for two separate subscriptions, and make your choice.

Simple, just email and tell us your new address. This must be done at least 48hrs before your next delivery date.

Simple, just follow the instructions above for SKIPPING A DELIVERY.

Unfortunately, once you purchase your subscription we are not able to change the amount of coffee delivered.

Unfortunately, we can’t send subscription packages overseas. However, if you want to purchase a one-off order of coffee you can email us on and we’ll quote you for shipping and organise an order with you.

We lurrrrrve it if you get yourself a good little grinder because grinding your coffee fresh makes the world of difference to the flavour of your cup. However, if you can’t make that work then all you have to do is select the grind type you’d like.

We can’t guarantee it, but if your circumstances change during your subscription (for example you get given an amazing grinder by Mum for Christmas, thanks Mum), then shoot us an email and we’ll aim to change your subscription to whole beans.

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