Plunger coffee remains one of the most simple and easy ways to brew coffee, and still one of our  favourites, producing some outstanding cups of coffee. With the ability to brew for many people  at once, its definitely a crowd pleaser. 

Brew ratios, as always are pretty important. I definitely recommend weighing your coffee and  water in for these ones.  

For black coffee I like to use 16g of coffee per 250ml of water. And if I’m having a milk plunger  coffee, I opt for 25gm per 250ml of water when using a plunger 

Grind size for Plunger is quite coarse. Visually very coarse Sand is a good rule of thumb LETS BREW! 

# 1 - Pre heat your plunger!!! Fill with the hottest water you can and let it heat up the glass for  around 1 minute then pour out this water before you actually start brewing. Skipping this step will  cause the glass to take a lot of heat from the brewing process and you’ll end up with a lot less  extraction in your final cup.  

Pre-heating. Is. the. Best.  

# 2 - add your coffee to the plunger. We’re brewing black coffee for two so we’re putting in 30  grams of coffee.  

# 3 - add your water! We’re adding 500mls of filtered water. We find 96 degrees Celsius to be a  great brewing temperature. If you didn’t pre heat your plunger though then I would recommend 98  degrees. 

When pouring your water in, pour aggressively! Make sure every bit of coffee is saturated with  water. 

# 4 - now we wait. “Siri, set a timer for four minutes”  

# 5 - stir the top of the coffee at the four minute mark and allow all the grinds to sink to the  bottom 

# 6 - PLUNGE! But very, very slowly. The slower your plunge, the less coffee grinds will end up in  the final cup. 

# 7 - pour end enjoy!

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