Our HAPPY CLUB Packages combine tasty and rare coffees available no where else in Australia with the convenience of never running out of coffee again.
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Our HAPPY CLUB packages are designed to share the very best of our Southeast Asian coffees with you!

Southeast Asia offers terroir with diverse environmental, climatic, and geological conditions that deliver unique and delicious tasting coffees. It’s also home to some of the most innovative and hard working farmers on the planet who continue to deliver crowd pleasing coffees.

And because we’re Australia’s only coffee importer and roaster focused solely on Southeast Asia, we have rare and unique coffees you can’t try anywhere else!


Say goodbye to hard to cancel direct debits and paying for something you don't need just because you forgot to cancel! At OQ we do things differently. We offer 3, 6 and 12 month packages designed to give you peace of mind with no auto-renewal. You choose your duration and maintain full control of the process with an easy to access online portal to pause or skip deliveries and change your contact details or delivery address.


When you choose OQ you’re becoming a part of our Optimism Exchange; one that benefits everyone involved. Because we are genuine coffee traders (not just roasters) it means we build relationships with our farming partners. Through these partnerships we ensure the wonderful and inspiring people who grow our coffee receive a fair price (see our Green Bean Buying Principles) and in return we get great tasting coffee.

But we can’t do it alone. We need someone to share this great tasting coffee with. And that’s where you come in! With OQ you can Feel Good knowing your daily cup means something.

Seems like a Fair Trade!

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Choose from a 3, 6 or 12 month Happy Club and save! The more Daily Happy you choose, the more you save. That’s more good coffee for less. Win-Win!
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Like really good! Every coffee you’ll receive as part of your Happy Club has been tended, picked and roasted by those that really know their stuff.
We’re not all that serious, but we’re serious about quality. We strive to honour the hard work that goes into growing and processing these exceptional beans but we’re also responsible for your Daily Happy, and that’s a job we’re seriously happy about. 

“Literally the best coffee you will taste in your life! The coffee is so beautiful that I HAVE to buy some to drink at home AND at work. I love, love, love that the money I spend is changing people's lives. It’s coffee worth spending money on”’ Jimzeena Le Cerf Trip Advisor

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Great Feedback

We initially found Old Quarter Coffee at our local coffee shop and quickly made it our go to favourite. Then we discovered the Old Quarter Coffee subscriptions . Life was even better as we waited for our fresh bag to arrive at our door each fortnight. For our first subscription, we chose the Roasters Choice, giving us the opportunity to taste the variety available, as a different blend greeted us each delivery. This is a great idea as a starter and also a great idea as a gift to the coffee lovers in your life. Our second subscription took us back to the Village, our long time favourite. We also appreciate being informed on new blends and the background details of where and how they have come to Old Quarter. Thank you to Amelia and the team at Old Quarter for not only the quality of the product that you bring to us, but also how you do that, working within the communities of the growers and caring. Robyn Kennedy - Google Reviews
I've been buying this coffee for 2 years now and it's honestly the best coffee I've had so far. The Vietnam K'Ho is definitely my fave but all their coffees are bloody delicious. I was a little late placing my orders sometimes so now I order through their subscription service which is super convenient, plus saves me paying for shipping! 10/10 recommend to anyone who loves coffee. Beatrice Eichler- Product Reviews
I've enjoyed a Baristas Choice Coffee Subscription in Melbourne during 2021 - OQCM's coffee is first rate, the variety is interesting & unique, the business model; inspiring. Subscription service was above & beyond - Amelia went out of her way to provide excellent, friendly customer service. 10/10 would recommend! Tiffany Smith - Google Reviews

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If coffee was a vice (it’s not though so don’t worry) then our team would definitely have a problem! Coffee really does inspire our own personal Daily Happy and we love to share our passion and knowledge about all things coffee with our Happy Club members including interesting info about origins, farmers, brewing and more!

No matter which package you choose you’ll also have access to our dedicated members email for support from our experienced production team. We’re here to help!

Coming from
a Good Place

We’re on a mission to show the world that Southeast Asian coffees are serious global contenders! We are Australia’s only specialty coffee roastery that sources 100% Southeast Asian green beans.

Southeast Asia offers terroir with diverse environmental, climatic, and geological conditions that deliver unique and delicious tasting coffees.

Our closest neighbours in Asia have so far been overlooked but the farmers we know are pioneering speciality coffee in their own backyards and we’re backing them all the way.






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Not sure how much coffee you go through in a fortnight? Use this simple table to find out whether you need 250g, 500g, 1kg or more. To calculate how many grams of coffee you use per fortnight, all you need to know is how you brew your coffee and how many cups your household drinks per day.

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