Vietnam Kho description


Espresso Roast




With only a small amount produced each year, we're proud to bring this uniquely delicious coffee from a lesser-known specialty coffee growing region. Sourced direct from a small, 100% farmer-owned cooperative in the fertile growing regions of South-Central Vietnam.



A crowd pleaser, This coffee packs A LOT of flavour. Zesty body, lively acidity and chocolatey sweetness, add milk and expect a delightful jaffa-toned cup. This coffee has something for everyone, not only is it an opportunity to taste a super rare coffee from a lesser-known growing region, but it also tastes delicious. If you like dark chocolate with some juicy sweetness then this coffee is for you.



We love it as: Stovetop (but really it’s a good all rounder)
Also good as: Espresso, Plunger, Aeropress

Brewing espresso? Try: 20g Dose   42g Yield   Time 27-31 seconds



This coffee represents a rare opportunity to showcase the potential of Vietnamese specialty coffee built on the foundation of creating a sustainable, viable farming future.

Pat and Tam and their cooperative of K'Ho families have worked hard for many years to improve all aspects of growing, harvesting, and processing their coffee. Empowered, they have been able to break away from the 'commodity coffee' poverty cycle and produce an exceptionally high-quality product.

Over the past 6 or so years, we've developed trust through an ongoing relationship and we've all benefited from working closely together. We've been able to pitch in when a fire damaged their homes and business and fundraise for new equipment to help them improve processing.

For our company, this relationship represents everything we hope to stand for. The K'Ho was the very first coffee we imported. We started with just one humble pallet and we now pre-purchase close to the entirety of their harvest.

Every year gets better and better - stay on this one!


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