V60 Pourover


The V60 is a beautiful way to brew a cup of filter coffee. With proper extraction and pouring  technique we get an exceptionally clean and sweet cup. While there are dozens of ways to pour  and many brew ratios we are going to focus on one method to produce a consistently great cup,  feel free to make slight alterations to your taste. 


You’re going to need a few things to start brewing pourover coffee. 

- Firstly, a coffee cone and filter papers. You can get ceramic, plastic and metal pourer cones. I  prefer the plastic ones because they are a lot cheaper and also give better thermal properties  during extraction to give a more balanced cup.  

- A goose neck kettle will allow you to control the speed and precision of your pour  - digital scales are a must for the correct brew ratio 

- coffee grinder  


I like to start by rinsing the filter paper in the cone with hot water to rinse any ‘papery’ flavours  that might be present while also pre heating the pourer cone. Ill then grind my coffee and a  medium-course grind setting, ill be using 15.5g of coffee to 250ml of water. Set up scales, vessel,  coffee cone on top, pour in grinds and tare off the scales ready to brew. 


# 1 - Start a timer and pour 30mls of water over the coffee grinds. Gently but quickly stir the  grounds to ensure all are evenly wet. Allow this to sit for 30-45second. This is called the ‘bloom’  

# 2 - after the bloom at 0:30 continue slowly pouring in small circles until the weight reaches 100g  on the scale and pause for 10-20 seconds 

# 3 - after a second pause continue pouring to the final weight if 250g water in. Pick up your cone  and give a small gentle swirl to ensure the draw down of coffee is even through the grinds.  

# 4 - watch the draw down and take note when the water finishes filtering through. Ideally looking  for a time of 2:30 - 2:45 total brew time 

# 5 - allow to cool for a couple of minutes and enjoy your delicious filter coffee!


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