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At the heart of Old Quarter Coffee is feel good relationships. It’s the basis for how we source our coffee and how we work with our wholesale partners. We believe that in business everyone should benefit and our goal it to see your business grow, with our support. 

We offer everything the big guys do; exceptional coffee, beautiful equipment, tailored support and on-going training, but we go beyond that to offer you an ethical edge to your business that is unique across the industry.

From the beginning we made a commitment to source our coffees Direct, meaning there is no middle man in the process and every cent goes directly to the farmer. We don't use a wholesaler, which means that after us, you are the very next link in the supply chain to the farmers that grow the coffee you serve each day. More than that, almost all the specialty coffees we are sourcing from Southeast Asia are found no where else in Australia. 

What we offer your business:

  • Rare and exceptional single origin coffee’s that provide your customers with a unique experience
  • Tailor blends to taste
  • A myriad of roast profiles and flavours for any brew method
  • Specialty coffee training including barista training and cupping sessions
  • Equipment (machines, Grinders etc*)
  • Ethical, specialty teas sourced direct trade from farmers
  • Quality syrups and powders
  • Ongoing support, knowledge and consultations
  • Promotional materials and cross-promotion through our networks

If you want to make a difference with every cup you serve then please get in touch! wholesale@oldquartercoffee.com.au

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