Myanmar "Ruby Hills" Guest Roaster at Three Blue Ducks

Coffee lovers had the opportunity to try something new at Three Blue Ducks Byron, Rosebery and Melbourne with OQ’s single origin - Myanmar Ruby Hills.

Old Quarter Coffee Guest Roaster at Three Blue Ducks

There’s a growing trend in Australian cafes to use "guest roasters" to provide customers with a changing coffee offering to compliment the house blend. Not only does it give baristas a chance to educate regulars about certain origins they haven’t tried before, but it also opens up an opportunity to attract new customers to a café.

Three Blue Ducks have six venues, providing a unique dining experience, showcasing ethical and authentic food prepared with love. The OQ team were thrilled to share our Daily Happy at their Byron, Rosebery and Melbourne locations as a Guest Roaster to keep things exciting!

Old Quarter Coffee Myanmar Ruby Hills Guest Roaster Program

Here are some fun facts about Myanmar Ruby Hills….

Flavour Profile - Peach, Dried Apple, Caramel, Black Tea.
Origin - Mogok, Myanmar
Altitude - 1500 to1600m
Processing - Dry Fermentation Washed

The Myanmar Ruby Hills Story

Named for the rich deposits of ruby gem stones in the nearby hills around Mogok, Ruby Hills is a passion project by 3 friends driven by sustainability & quality.

The onsite training centre supports many women & ethnic minorities, teaching them about organic farming. High altitude, native forest covering & a cool climate make this region perfect for specialty coffee production.

Myanmar Ruby Hills Old Quarter Coffee

Myanmar Ruby Hills is roasted exclusively for OQs Guest Roaster Program.

Interested in serving OQ's Daily Happy to your customers through our Guest Roaster Program? Our Guest Roaster program is the perfect secondary option to your house blend, providing your customers with 100% traceable, sustainable, and ethical coffee from amazing places.

Ruby Hills Guest Roaster Program

 It would be a privilege for us to showcase OQ coffees in your café! Complete the OQ Guest Roaster Program form and we’ll be in touch to organise your sample and will keep you up to date on our latest Guest Roaster Program offers.

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