Who are the Gayonese?

We're sharing the inspiring story of our newest farming partner and single origin. This is traceable, sustainable, world changing coffee. The name says it all but we'll let you read about it first!

Aceh is a province located on the northern end of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. The mountainous highland areas of central Aceh are where the Gayonese, an ethnic minority people of 340,000, call home. Their jungle clad home is one of the world's biodiversity hotspots (the Leuser Ecosystem), home to many rare species of flora and fauna including some well-known endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger, elephant, and orangutan. We're proud to be working in partnership with a 100% small-plot farmer cooperative comprised of more than 90% Gayonese female members. 

Map of Sumatra

Our Gayonese farming partners live surrounded by national park and a have a key focus on environmental preservation, employing conservation techniques as well as sustainable agricultural practices. Their story is one of traceability and environmental sustainability. As a cooperative they're driven by the understanding that coffee trade can create improved welfare for coffee farmers, the end-customer and the planet. They are constantly striving for a fairer trading system that brings mutual benefit for their farming members and their buyers, while ensuring the protection of the land and forests.

Our values align!

90% female cooperative

Gayo coffees are slowly making a name for themselves internationally as truly distinctive in flavour and cup quality. We truly believe that the coffee produced by our Gayo farming partner is some of the best specialty grade coffee coming out of the Indonesian archipelago. They’ve taken their coffee to the next level and the quality of their product is a true testimony to the hard work and determination of these amazing women.

This bean takes the best parts of Sumatran coffee in its body and complexity, while standing out as completely unique in its flavour, acidity and sweetness. This is not a typical Sumatran; it is a deliciously sweet, dynamic and bold coffee that would hold its own on a cupping table of the world’s finest specialty coffees. Rest assured for the everyday flat white lover who doesn’t care if their coffee has the word "specialty" in it, this is definitely a goer!

We're proud to showcase this stunning coffee and be a part of this inspiring story. This is what 100% traceability looks like. Get amongst it!

Singing in the farm

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