Aeropress Brew Guide (Inversion Method)

The AeroPress is possibly the easiest and most convenient way to brew coffee at home or on the go. A must have brewer for weekends away and camping trips, not only because of how small it packs away but because it can make a seriously tasty brew!

Essential Gear

Luckily, almost everything you need to brew amazing AeroPress coffee comes with the original unit. But as a checklist, make sure you have the following;

  • Coffee Beans
  • Coffee Grinder
  • AeroPress
  • AeroPress Filter Papers
  • Dosing Cup (optional but a good idea)
  • Scales/Timer
  • Kettle
  • Spoon/Aero Paddle
  • Water (filtered if you can, it's worth it!)
  • weigh coffee
Starting Recipe
  • 13g coffee
  • 200ml water
  • 96 degree water

  • Start with a medium grind size similar to rough beach sand.


  1. Get the kettle on the boil and grind your coffee.
  2. Add your filter paper to the AeroPress cap and thoroughly rinse with hot water (96degrees)

    wet filter paper

  3. Put the plunger/inner chamber in to the outer chamber to about the top of the #4 mark on the AeroPress (1-2cm in). Invert the AeroPress and place on your scales so you can add your coffee and hot water.
  4. Preheat your AeroPress and your cup/vessel with hot water before brewing. This will help keep the temperature stable while brewing.
  5. Add 13g of ground coffee to the AeroPress chamber and tare the scales back to 0. Start your timer and gently pour in 200g of hot water.

    pour water into aeropress

  6. Stir for 5-10 seconds and ensure all coffee is saturated and well mixed.

    stir coffee in aeropress

  7. Add the cap with the wet filter paper inside.

    Place cap on aeropress

  8. At the 1:30min mark on your timer, put your cup on top of the AeroPress and invert. It helps to avoid spillage!
  9. At 1:45mins start your plunge! Apply pressure gently and consistently, this should take 15-30 seconds to complete and all water should be pressed through.

    Plunger your Aeropress

  10. Empty and rinse your AeroPress straight away and then enjoy your coffee! 

  • If your coffee tastes too weak or watery, try adding more coffee and a finer grind size
  • If your coffee tastes too acidic, try a longer brew time or a finer grind size 
  • If your coffee tastes bitter, try a quicker extraction or a coarser grind size 

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