V60/Pourover Brew Guide

The V60 is a beautiful way to brew a cup of filter coffee. With proper extraction and pouring technique you can get an exceptionally clean and sweet cup. While there are dozens of ways to pour and many brew ratios, we're going to focus on one method to produce a consistently great cup. From there, it’s over to you to experiment based on your taste.

Essential Gear
  • Coffee Beans
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Hario Dripper (or equivalent)
  • Glass Server (sits below the dripper to catch the coffee)
  • Filter Papers.
  • A Goose-Neck Kettle will allow you to control the speed and precision of your pour
  • Digital Scales and timer are a must
  • Water (filtered if you can, it's worth it!)

Starting Recipe
  • 15g coffee
  • 250g water
  • 97 degree water


Medium-Course grind. Start with the size of raw sugar and make adjustments as needed...

Lets Brew!

  1. Boil your kettle and rinse the filter paper in the dripper with hot water. This removes any ‘papery’ flavours that might be present while also heating the dripper and server for an even extraction. Discard the water before brewing.

    Person pouring water from boiling kettle into hario v60

  2. Grind your coffee and set up your scales, server and timer. Place the coffee dripper on top of the server, pour in grinds (make sure they are level) and tare off the scales ready to brew.

    Person placing coffee grinds into v60 hario dripper

  3. Start a timer and evenly pour 30-40mls of water over the coffee grinds in a consistent circular motion. Quickly but gently agitate/stir the grounds to ensure they are all evenly wet. Allow this to sit for about 30 seconds. This is called the ‘bloom’. It helps to release Co2 from the ground coffee and prepare the coffee for extraction.

    Person stirring coffee in v60 hario dripper

  4. After the bloom, continue slowly pouring in small circles until the weight reaches 100g on the scale. Pause for 10-15 seconds.

    Coffee brewing table with person waiting

  5. Continue pouring slowly until the final weight of 250g is reached. Then give the dripper a gentle swirl to evenly distribute the coffee grinds and to ensure an even drawdown of water through the coffee bed.

    Person swirling v60 coffee dripper with coffee and water inside

  6. Watch the drawdown and take note when the water finishes filtering through. Ideally looking for a time of 2:20 - 2:40 total brew time. The bed of coffee grinds left in the dipper should appear flat and even, indicating an even extraction has occurred.
  7. Allow it to cool for a couple of minutes and enjoy your delicious filter coffee!

    Person pouring coffee from hario server into huskee cup

Brew Tips!
  • If your coffee tastes too weak or watery, try adding more coffee and a finer grind size
  • If your coffee tastes too acidic, try a longer brew time or a finer grind size
  • If your coffee tastes bitter try a quicker extraction or a coarser grind size

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