The Best Coffee in Vietnam!

After a devastating New Year's Day Fire, our K'Ho farming partners have rebuilt and delivered their best coffee yet! Read on for a dose of inspiration.

It’s been 10 months since our farming partners in Vietnam we’re devastated by a fire on New Year’s Day. The fire destroyed their homes along with all their possessions, their coffee storage and drying shed and all their coffee processing equipment. It was a horrifying situation to unfold on a day that is usually filled with (a bit of a hangover), some reflection and exciting plans for the year ahead. 

After the fire ripped through

With no infrastructure or even a bed to sleep in, these families now had to rebuild their lives from the ground up. Thankfully their crops we’re saved and with the support from the surrounding community, an awesome NGO, local government, our customers, friends and a huge amount of hard work they were able to rebuild and complete their 2018 harvest and processing.

Sorting and Grading the coffee cherries

We’re sooooo stoked to tell you that the last harvest was their best ever! This is not just a story of survival or recovery but a story of determination, resilience…and success! Yep, their coffee has been independently cupped annually by some of the most well-respected specialty coffee companies in the world and despite the hardship they experienced, their cup score actually improved this year to their best yet!  Their results put their coffee in the same category as the best coffees in the world. Indeed, it's up there with the big guns from all over the world (yeah, we said it!).

This high score puts their coffee in the same category as the best coffees in the world!
You can only imagine how humbled we feel at Old Quarter to be able to share this coffee with you. What’s even more touching is the way our customers appreciate this coffee and the people who produced it. In a beautiful expression of humanity, this coffee is connecting a K’Ho ethnic minority family from South Central Vietnam with people all over Australia. You, our customers and friends, expressed your concern for the families welfare, you donated to the fundraiser, you demonstrate your love for the product when you purchase it and we know every cup of this delicious bean makes your daily life just that bit better (as it does ours!).
 Yose with coffee bags
When we talk about “coffee you can feel good about buying” this is what we mean. This coffee represents a new paradigm in coffee trade. This is more than just “knowing” where or who produced your coffee. You have a direct link to the farmers who grew it and the knowledge that with every cup you are making someone’s life better. So thank you for being a part of the journey! Thanks for making your cuppa count!
Smiling Family
You can visit our café in Ballina to grab yourself a cup or bag for home. Can’t make it to Ballina? You can order online and have it delivered straight to your door!



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